Group Projects

Tips to help get through a Large Group Project

1. You will want to decide how many projects you are going to allow them to choose from. It's best if you only allow them anywhere from 2 to 4 projects. The more projects there are to choose from only makes it harder for them to decide and more stressful for the person overseeing the project. It would also be harder for our staff to make sure that all of the supplies are ordered and in stock for the crafts. Some times the distributors we order from will discontinue items or have a back order.

2. The waiting period for orders is around 2 weeks depending on our current work load. 

3. 50% of payment is needed when ordering. You don't have to come into the store to pay, we can take payment over the phone. We will call you as soon as your order is done to let you know it is available for pick up.

4. Orders can be placed in the store or over the phone. The earlier that you get it in the better. Do not plan on picking up the day of your activity. Allow a couple days for yourself to sort and organize. That way, if there is something else needed, we also have some time to accomplish what ever else is needed. If you need to add more items to your order, we can do so the first week your order was placed. We have special discounts for large orders as well.

5. At times we have long check out lines. If you are simply there to pick up your order, please notify someone at the counter so that we can pull your order and expedite your service. However, if you plan on purchasing additional items once you are in the store you will have to wait your turn in line with the other customers.

6. Before taking your purchase from the store, make sure to check the boxes to make sure all items are there. We will have you initial your receipt to confirm that your completed order was correct when you left the store. Please allow enough time to do this.

7. We sell some things that are not manufactured here (i.e. glitter,  paper, ribbon, jewels, hats, metal, etc.) Occasionally it is difficult for us to get as much in as we need from the distributor or they have discontinued it and we run out of items. We do our best to avoid this, but at times it is beyond our control. As a precaution when displaying a sample you may want to post a sign that reads, "Paper and Embellishments may very".

Below are our Discounts for large orders
Wood Creations, northern Utah's number one source for unfinished wood crafts, can handle any large order and offers special pricing for boutiquers, wholesalers, and church groups.
  • A wholesale account can be set up with proof of a business license and resale tax number. A 20% discount applies to all unfinished wood crafts with a minimum purchase of $100.
  • Boutiquer/church group discounts apply on all orders of 5 or more. 10% discount on orders of 5 - 14 and a 15% discount on orders of 15 or more. No minimum purchase is necessary for this discount. This discount applies to unfinished wood crafts only.
  • Special orders are also available. We can mass produce your patterns. Wholesale and large order discounts are applicable.
Any large order can typically be filled within 1 - 2 weeks. August through December is our busiest time of year. The sooner the order is placed the sooner we can fulfill it. When the order is placed a delivery date will be set.

Special orders must be pre-paid in full. Wholesale and large orders require a 50% deposit. A large or special order can be completed in the store or over the phone.

Please ask for Missy or Kory on all large or special orders.