Friday, February 24, 2012

Rooster Post by Guest Blogger, Green Eyed Girl Crafts

I am so excited to introduce Vicki, from Green Eyed Girl Crafts, who did a tutorial on our darling Rooster Set. This set is available in the store now for $16.99, and makes a perfect year-round piece for a country kitchen look or even for a family room. We love to highlight our amazing customers, so be sure to check out her Blog. I've followed her Blog for a long time now, and she always has such fun stuff posted.

Hi there, I'm Vicki from Green Eyed Girl Crafts
and I wanted to show you how fun and easy it is to make
this super cute rooster set from Wood Creations!

 First I sanded and penciled off where I wanted my beaks
and combs to be on each of the roosters.

Next, I cut out the patterned paper for each of the roosters ~
 cutting off where the beak and comb would be.
It won't always be perfect, but I like the sanded look so you can take off any
"hang-over" with sand paper or emery board.
I did add some black chalk to the yellow paper and red to the
black ones (I pretty much ended up sanding it off in the end).
I just think it's easier to do it before it is on the wood.

 I painted each of the beaks and combs with acrylic paint.
I do a minimum of 2 coats.

 Next I painted all of the other wood pieces. 
I use an old flower pot filled with chili beans to hold my
round pieces for drying.

 After I had the roosters painted, I had a thought that
these would be so cute with vinyl dots; one in red and
one in white and the other just left plain black.
I think they would have been super cute that way too!
The problem was I was not very careful with the red and gold
paint since I knew that I would be putting pattern paper
over the top, so maybe for the next set I do I will try that.
Also, I'm very OCD (actually it should be CDO, since it
should be alphabetized too ;-)
so you don't have to take the time to paint the whole front
of the roosters ~ you can just do the edges.

Then it was Mod Podge time; I like to put it on both the
wood piece and the pattern paper.

Line the paper up the best you can (again you will probably have a
 little "hang-over" and that is easy to sand off). I like to use a
roller to get any bubbles out and also to seal the edges.

 I finished adding the paper to all 3 roosters.
I usually wait about 5 to 10 minutes for the Mod Podge
to dry before I start sanding.
I also thought it might be fun to use some Fun Flock
on the beaks and combs, you can see the dimension it gives to the beak.
(the beak on the right has been covered)

 Below you will see what the bottle of Fun Flock looks like.
For easy clean up, I get a piece of paper to put under
my project, then I brush over the spot I want the Fun Flock 
to stick to with an adhesive (I used Mod Podge) and
sprinkle it over the top. I usually apply it pretty heavy ~
then pat it gently into the adhesive.
After a few minutes you can tap the back off the wood
and the excess will fall back on the paper and then
just pour it back into the jar.

Since my kitchen is mainly black, I started adding red
accents and I love it. I wanted the roosters to have red
wings, I just could not find a pattern paper in the color of red I wanted,
so I decided to use the Fun Flock on them.
They are feathers after all, they should be soft ;-)
They would have looked better if I had painted them red first,
but again I didn't think about that until after the
Fun Flock was on the them.
I attached them with E-6000 glue and let them dry...

I added a black jewel for their eyes (usually my projects all
have green eyes but I thought the black looked better).
I then added some ribbon and tulle to the bottoms and look how cute!
They were a little too tall for my spot under my cabinet, but they
are going to look even cuter up on top of my cabinets
 (I have to wait until my son gets home from work to put them up for me).
The wings look funny in this picture ~
but they don't look like this in person.
 Thank you for letting me share my rooster project with you.
A big thank-you to Kerrie and the Wood Creations staff
for creating such cute wood pieces to keep every crafter happy!

Thanks Vicki, for sharing your time and talents with us. What GREAT ideas!

We have Velvet Flocking at the store; along with wood glue, paper, paint, ribbon, brushes and accents to finish your projects. Come in and check out all of our fun St. Patrick's Day creations out now. We also have our Easter and Spring crafts out as well and they have been a huge hit this past week.We are still going to be adding some new items over the next few weeks, so keep checking back to see what's new!

Thanks to all of our amazing customers--we LOVE you guys!

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