Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Halloween Creations!

We are so excited about our new Halloween creations that we can hardly contain our cackles. We know you are going to scream over these spookily spectacular crafts.

To get you as excited as we are, here is a small peek at what will be filling our shelves this Friday:

Halloween Dowels $6.99 indv.; $19.99 Set

Trick Or Treat $13.99

All About The Shoes $11.99

Ghost Dowels $5.99 indv.; $16.99 Set

Spooky Word Set $17.99

Remember, this is just a small glimpse of our new Halloween crafts. Be sure to stop in the store to see our full line of Halloween creations.


  1. Kristie you ROCK! Love it! Definitely going to have to make a trip over there SOON!

  2. Can any of these be ordered online or over the phone? I am in California.

    1. Jamie, we hope to be up and shipping soon, so yes, you will be able to order online. We are working on our website right now. If you follow us on Facebook, we will definitely let everyone know when we are able to start shipping. Thanks!

  3. Unable to access products by clicking on the left hand menu links on the main Wood Creations website. I've been trying for over a month and the links don't work. I was a loyal customer to Wood Creations but I can't continue if I can't order products online. I've sent several emails to "Contact Us" at the main Wood Creations website and have not received any replies.