Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photo Box Tutorial

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It's Kerrie again, from WOOD Creations. Today I am here to do a tutorial on our photo boxes. This is where you put your photo on a box or photo plaque and it looks like it's on canvas. The great news for you is, we sell the photo boxes or plaques and ALL the supplies at WOOD Creations to finish this project. YAY!

I chose this project because for one, it's SO EASY, and two, it's almost Christmas time and these make such FUN and inexpensive gifts! :) I also have a step by step tutorial on our Craft Tips Tab at the top of our blog and I will also have this on my own craft blog,, labeled at the side if you ever need it for future use. This blog post will also be on Pinterest if you want to pin it to your boards. Don't forget to follow us on Pinterest. We are also on Facebook as well and we do giveaways often--you won't want to miss out!

This is the finished project I did of my cute little family. It took me about 30 minutes to do, and that is adding the drying time on there. It's that simple! :)
First you want to get your supplies. I chose the photo box to use this time because you can hang it on a wall or set it on your shelf or end stand. These also come in various sizes. I chose to paint the edges black, but you can also do it any color and it will still turn out great.
Once I had all my supplies, I sanded the edges to make sure they were all smooth. You can take a piece of sand paper or even a nail file works great.
Then I painted the sides and around the edges on the front black. You don't need to paint the whole front because your picture will cover it.
Once the paint was dry, I applied a coat of Mod Podge on the front of the photo box. You want to make sure every part is covered, but make sure there aren't any clumps. There are three reasons that your picture would bubble, they are the same reasons that your paper might also bubble:
1. If you miss applying a part of the wood with Mod Podge and it's dry when you apply your photo/paper.
2. If you have big clumps and don't get them out.
3. If you put a top coat on your photo/paper and the coat underneath isn't dry.
As you can see, I put a nice coat of Mod Podge on there. I made sure everything was covered, and that all the big clumps were out

I apply my Mod Podge with a paint brush. You can use a sponge brush as well, tt's just what you are more comfortable using.
Next, put your photo on top of the box. I use a clean rag and rub all over my photo to make sure that the photo is applied to the box. I then take my scraper, (you can also use a credit card or Pampered Chef scraper) and gently scrape over my photo like I would applying paper. You don't want to do it very hard. You also want to make sure you have a rag or paper towel handy in case the Mod podge comes out the side and gets on the scraper. I wipe off my scraper often to assure that there isn't any Mod Podge on it. The Mod Podge won't ruin your photo, so if some gets on, it's ok. Then I take my fingers and rub all over the photo to make sure that there aren't any bubbles underneath and it's all flat. Make sure to scrape around the edges too to be sure they are applied well. Then you will want to let it sit for about 10-15 minutes so that it dries. (I use my rag first because you can get most of the bubbles  out that way. Then you won't have to push with your scraper very hard.)
Next, you'll want to get your texture cream, roller, and plastic gloves; which we also sell at WOOD Creations. You'll want to make sure that you are wearing plastic gloves when you apply your texture cream. because you don't want to get any on your skin. It's hard to wash off and will dry out your hands.
Once the photo is dry, you will want to apply the texture cream. With the gloves on, I dip my finger in the jar and take out a clump of texture cream; a little bit goes a LONG way. I dipped my finger in about three times.
I just dab it on the photo. I try to spread it out just a little bit, so it will cover all over the picture. If you don't have enough at first,  you can always add more. So I start with less and then if I need to, add more. This way you aren't wasting any texture cream.
Then take your roller and roll it all out. I spread it all over with my roller and then I just roll one way.  I do it side to side and then change to up and down.

If you do it side to side and then up and down, it gives it a canvas look when it dries. Once you have it all spread out, you just have to wait for it to dry. You can put it in front of a fan or heater and it will dry faster. The length of time to dry just depends on how much texture cream has been applied. While you are waiting for the photo to dry, you can wash out your roller. You will want to be sure you are wearing gloves when you wash it out also. I wash it out with warm water and you can also use a little bit of soap if you want.

Then, once it's dry you can add some ribbon to it if you want and you are done. You don't have to add ribbon, tt looks great either way. The great thing about the texture cream is, not only does it make it look like a canvas, but it also protects your photos. This project will last for ever. It's such a fun way to display your photos in your home or to give as a gift!
There are so many things you can do with your photos; the ideas are endless! No matter if you put them on a box or a plaque, the steps are all the same. You could even put your photos on on smaller pieces of wood and then have them sit on a candle stick. We sell the candle sticks at WOOD Creations as well. Come see us and pick up all the supplies you will need to finish this fun project! :)

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  1. Hi I went to your online store. Looking to buy some of the texture creme, you where talking about in this project. Went to the search and typed in texture creme no such luck. Nothing came up. Help would love some textured creme.