Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Love You Word Set Tutorial by Guest Blogger, Talented Terrace Girls

Hi, this is Kayla from Talented Terrace Girls. We were asked to do another Wood Creations post and I volunteered because I love the store.  Last time I went I wanted to buy everything because I couldn't decide which project to do.  I decided to do the "I Love U" letter box.  Have I mentioned this store is a one stop shop? You can get pretty much everything you need to make and finish your project.  They have lots of paper to choose from, ribbon, paints etc.  So unless your looking for something specific, you can get it all here.  I'll just say again I love Wood Creations.

Here is what you will need:
-"I Love U" letter block set
-scrapbook paper
-foam brushes
-Mod Podge

1. Pick out paper and paint.
2. Paint letter blocks and let dry.
3. Trace blocks onto scrapbook paper.
4. Cut out traces.
5. Using Mod Podge put a layer on the front of the block with a foam brush and place the cut out letter onto the block.  Use a kitchen pan scraper to secure and work out bubbles. Let dry. Do this for each letter.
6. Using a foam brush layer Mod Podge over all surfaces of the letter including the front where you put the paper on.  Let dry.
7. Display your project in your house
My poor husband is doing homework and I am having fun crafting. 

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