Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mother's Day Gift Craft Class

We are offering a fun Mother's Day craft class this week at our West Haven and Taylorsville locations, with several different dates and times. Our darling Tulip Door Hanger will be available to finish for $14.99. All supplies: paper, paint and ribbon, will be included in this price; other than glitter. If you would like to finish it with glitter, there will be an additional $2 charge. If your week is super crazy, and you can't make it to one of the classes, we are also offering this craft finished for $19.99.

This is a super easy craft that even little hands can finish. So, we will have crafting help on site, to help little crafters or maybe even daddy crafters who want to finish a craft for their own mama's or wives. This would also be a perfect gift for grandmother's that grandkids can finish. How fun will it be for those dear mom's in your lives to receive a personalized gift from little ones or even a hubby?

We will have several days and times available to come in and finish the craft. It should only take an hour or so to finish. These are the open craft times:

West Haven:

Monday the 4th from 6 pm to 8:30 pm

Thursday the 7th from 6 pm to 8:30 pm

or Saturday the 9th from 10 am to 4 pm


Tuesday the 5th from 6 pm to 8:30 pm

Thursday the 7th from 6 pm to 8:30 pm

or Saturday the 9th from 10 am to 4 pm

Please call your local store in advance to reserve your spot, West Haven: 801.731.0788, or Taylorsville: 801.849.8858. We just need to make sure we have enough tulips cut and ready to go and want to be sure the time slot isn't too crowded. Or, if you are interested in picking up a finished tulip, you can call the store and place your order. All orders will be ready for pick up on Saturday afternoon at your local store.

We hope to see you for some fun Mother's Day crafting!

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