Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Craft Tip of the Month- Sign Making

Hi, it's Kerrie, Lead Designer at WOOD Creations. Today I’m sharing a tip on making signs and I'll also show you how to keep the paint from running underneath your vinyl. You’ll love this easy tip and it will also give you sharp crisp lines.

First, you’ll want to paint your board the color you want your sign to be. Once the paint is completely dry, place the vinyl on the board. Then, repaint your base color over top of the vinyl. Repainting your base color over top of the vinyl will prevent the paint colors from running underneath the vinyl.

Once your base color dries, paint over the letters with the colors you chose for your lettering. Once everything is dry, pull off your vinyl and you now have a super cute sign that was super easy. literally that simple.

How cute is this? And, it wasn't as hard as it may have looked, right?

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