Wednesday, January 11, 2012

LOVE Door Hanger Tutorial by Guest Blogger Six Sisters' Stuff

Hi Everyone, I am so excited to share this post with you. Camille, from Six Sisters' Stuff is here to do our very first guest tutorial for us on our LOVE door hanger. She is so crafty and creative and has such fun ideas... you will not be disappointed. Be sure to check out their blog. They also have some awesome recipes posted on the blog that are to die for. They are also on Facebook, so if you haven't already, be sure to go and "like" their page,they have some of the most amazing ideas!
 Hello! I am Camille from Six Sisters' Stuff and I am so excited to show you how I decorated my "Love Hanger" from Wood Creations.
This hanger comes with 3 main pieces- the word "Love" and a beadboard "L" and "V". 
 I decided to paint my "Love" with red spray paint. You could easily paint it with a brush, but I am all about shortcuts! I used "Fire Red" spray paint. I ended up doing about 3 coats on the front and 2 coats on the back.
 While my "Love" dried, I painted my beadboard letters with acrylic paint. I went with a "Vintage White".
Using a sponge brush, I did about 2 coats of paint on each letter. If you want, you can paint in the grooves of the beadboard, but I decided that I liked the look of the grooves showing like that. So, just run your sponge brush lightly down the top of each groove, being careful not to push paint into the grooves.
 As you can see, I had a couple of spots where the paint got down in the grooves- I just used a toothpick to scrape the paint out and you can't even tell that I messed up. :)
 Once everything was done drying, I sanded the edges down. I love to use an electric sander when I can, but some of the edges on these letters were too small for a sander to fit in, so I just used a scrap of sand paper to finish it up.
 Once the sanding was done, I glued the "L" and the "V" onto their spots. I originally used a glue gun, but after hanging this outside for 1 day, the letters fell off . . . so I suggest using wood glue. 
 I also had some craft wire on hand (they sell it at Wood Creations for $1 a yard, so you can pick up a piece there) and used 1 yard of it. 
 Before gluing your letters down, I suggest running your wire through the pre-drilled holes to make sure that your holes line up. Trust me- better safe than sorry! :)
 I pulled the wire through the two holes until I got the length that I wanted.
 With the excess wire, I took the piece that came through the hole and wrapped it around itself about three times. I tried to get it as tight as I could.
 I still had a little bit of excess wire, so I wrapped it around a pencil to get a nice, tight curl.
 Ta Da!
 I loved the way it was looking, but felt like it could use one more thing. I cut a piece of wire that was about 18 inches long and wrapped it around 1 side of the heart. 

 I twisted it around itself right in the middle . . .
 . . . and then using my pencil again, I curled the wire. 
Once again, another "LOVEly" project, all thanks to Wood Creations!
This word hanger would also look darling with Valentine paper Mod Podged on the heart or using any of the accessories that Wood Creations carries.

Thanks again Camille for sharing your time and talents with us! It Looks ADORABLE! I LOVE how it turned out. We sell acrylic paint at the store in several colors, along with the wood glue, brushes and wire. So you can pick up all your supplies while you are here. :)


  1. This is very cute. I love that you spray painted the red and I love the wire you added!

  2. Beautiful! It looks easy to do this, but I`m quite sure it`s not... It always looks so easy and when I try it myself - problems appears :P